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Metadata Management

What is Metadata? Metadata describes other data; it provides structured reference data that identifies attributes of the information that it describes so that the data can be identified and sorted. Metadata is created anytime a document or file is modified, including when it is deleted. Some examples of basic document file metadata include the author, […]

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Managing Data Integrity

How Is Data Integrity Maintained? Data integrity refers to the overall completeness, accuracy, consistency, and reliability of data over its lifecycle. Protecting data integrity involves taking measures to protect data against improper maintenance, modification, or alteration to ensure data authenticity. Managing data integrity is important for ensuring searchability, traceability, connectivity, stability, reusability, and maintainability. If […]

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Legacy Data

What is Legacy Data? Legacy data is information stored in old or obsolete formats and/or computer systems, making it difficult to access or process. New digital technologies designed for mobile devices, cloud storage, and in-house databases are often incompatible with legacy databases, so it may be time to consider doing something about that. It will […]