Why choose us ?

We are a dedicated, full-service IT company. We work on your systems so you can work on your business. You invested in your technology. Let us help you get the most value out of it.
Expert Staff
Our team consists of highly-trained, certified, professional employees dedicated to provide excellent service.
You are experts in your field. We are experts in ours. See the certifications below.
You need your systems to work when you work. Our US-Based help desk is able to take your call at any hour.
Better yet, we proactively manage your systems continuously to fix issues before you even see a problem. See what we do when you are sleeping.
Save Money
Every hour you spend as technical support to your company is an hour of productivity lost. Can you afford it?
You can afford our services. Your customers depend on you. We provide options to get you what you need, when you need it.
On-Site Support
Never second guess if the expense of a technician outweighs the loss of productivity. Let us get you back to work!
If our Help Desk cannot fix your problem remotely, we will schedule an on-site visit to your site. Our Elite Package covers it all.


EXISOR provides best-in-class technology services designed to fully support your needs, now and in the future.

We Manage Your Technology. You Focus on Your Business.

You are the best in your industry. All you need is more time. Let us give you your time back. Watch our video and see how we work for you.


Flexible Contracts
We don't lock you in with inflexible long-term contracts. We want to be your partner of choice, not partner of obligation. Let us show you what we can do.
Aligned to You
We align our services to your business. The less IT issues you experience, the better your business performs. We work to keep you working.
Business Ethics
Our services are designed to get you running as quickly as possible. As an outcomes-based provider, our job is to have your IT running smoothly, not charge you unnecessary hours.
Cloud Enablement
As cloud experts, we recommend where cloud-based services make sense. And where it doesn't we provide traditional solutions that work for you.
Unbiased Consulting
We don't make money on selling hardware. We work to make what you own work better. Therefore you will receive unbiased opinions regarding your technology environment.
Reports & Reviews
You need to know how your services are performing. We provide monthly reporting to let you know the state of your IT environment, and where improvements can be made.