Outsourced IT For Bankruptcies

From petition through reorganization or liquidation, we will continue to support you through challenging financial times

We help wind down IT operations during a bankruptcy.

Wind down IT operations during a bankruptcy
with our four-phase approach

Exisor uses a four-phase process to help continue IT operations during a Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy.

Assessment Phase

The Assessment Phase gathers information, identifies cost savings, identifies risks and designs the long-term technology solution. Included as part of the assessment phase will be the delivery of a migration and operation plan along with a detailed cost model.

icon indicating assessment with dialog boxes and magnifying glass


  • Document current environment
  • Gather information needed for the Migration Phase
  • Supply cost savings projection  


  • Complete Assessment Forms
  • Cost Estimate for Migration Phase 
  • Cost Estimate for Operations

Migration Phase

The Migration Phase implements changes required to move to the operations phase. This includes recognizing cost savings, reducing risk, and addressing current hardware issues and usability. Exisor will hit each goal of the migration, such as building a report database, archiving all email and systems, centralizing file shares, migrating all data center hardware to storage as required and implementing the network and contract changes for crucial cost savings that were identified in the assessment.


migration icon with clouds, gear, and laptop computer

Operations Phase

The Operations Phase provides the company, the company’s consultant, and/or the trustee with access and services required to reorganize or to liquidate the business. We will supply access to reports with related data, host and supply access to archived email & host and supply access to all file shares. This period can run as long as required after the base period on a month-to-month basis. The cost of the Operational Support will be identified when the migration plan is delivered at the end of the assessment.​


  • Supply access to reports with related Excel data 
  • Host and supply access to archived email 
  • Post and supply access to file shares 
  • Two 30-minute MBRs hours per month
  • Certified destruction and recycling of all hardware at the end of the contract
  • Store backups until end of contracts
  • Store hardware that was removed until end of contract 
  • Discounted Exisor labor rates until the end of the contract
  • Support for active services 

Termination Phase

After your base agreement, you are moved to a month-to-month contract with as little as 60 days’ notice to cancel. As part of your agreement with Exisor, we will deliver a certificate of destruction and recycling of all hardware and certification of destruction of all data drives and backups.

Outsourcing your IT department during a bankruptcy

We understand how difficult it can be navigating a Chapter 7 or Chapter 11 bankruptcy, especially when it comes to IT operations. Personnel will move on to other positions or your existing IT company is unwilling to work with you. At Exisor, we’ll see your IT operations to the very end.

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No matter where you are in the process of filing for bankruptcy, we are here to help you reorganize, or navigate and wind down, archive, and liquidate your IT operations.

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