WordPress Features for Business

What are Some of the Business Features of WordPress?

WordPress is a state-of-the-art semantic personal publishing platform that focuses on aesthetics, web standards, and usability, and WordPress powers more than 37%1 of the top 10k websites in the United States. It’s a powerhouse. WordPress is the most well-known and most popular Content Management System (CMS) available. While WordPress touts itself as a “personal publishing platform”, this CMS has evolved to become an ideal solution for enterprise users as well. Let us explore some of the features that are attracting enterprise users.

Custom plugins. In the WordPress universe, a plugin is a software program that adds features or extends existing functionality available on the WordPress platform. Plugins are a key reason that WordPress is so popular. Since WordPress is open source, anyone can create a plugin and share it on the internet for people to use. WordPress has ratings and reviews available to help users choose reputable plugins. WordPress presently has nearly 59,0002 plugins. Users can choose plugins directly from the WordPress directory, pay for premium plugins from reputable third-party sources, or pay to have plugins custom made by someone with PHP coding experience.

Google Analytics integration. All WordPress users get built-in status tracking that includes information on the number of new posts, like, and comments, and also provides data on visitor traffic and activity. Google Analytics offers advanced features such as funnel reports and goal conversion. Funnel reports help users track the paths visitors take through your website, and goal conversion allows users to re measure how visitors complete specific tasks, such as reaching a contact form or a product page.

Search engine optimization (SEO). WordPress Business plans come with special SEO features such as adding meta descriptions, custom title formats, and search and social previews.

Jetpack Search. Jetpack Search is a powerful onsite search tool that is available to Business plan users. WordPress3 notes: “Once you activate Jetpack Search, you’ll be using the same search engine powering some of the largest sites on the web. Jetpack Search provides a more engaging experience for your visitors: it relies on modern search algorithms that take phrase matches and the recency of your content into consideration, which in turn produces better search results. In addition to more relevant matches, you can also configure the Jetpack Search sidebar widget to let your visitors sort their results or filter them by tags, categories, dates, and post types.”

Advanced e-commerce features. Simple payments is simple to activate, and Business plan users can set up a store from the dashboard. The WordPress e-commerce plan offers support for payments around the world as well as live rates from shipping carriers.

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