Types of Websites

What are Types of Websites? Creating a website is an essential part of establishing your digital presence. Before creating your business site, you will need to consider what type of website you would like to have. The following are some of the most popular types of websites: Business. A business website will inform current and […]

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Malicious Code

What is Malicious Code? Malicious code refers to unwanted files or programs that can cause harm to a computer or compromise data that is stored on a computer1. Malicious code are auto-executable applications that take many forms such as Java applets, ActiveX controls, pushed content, plug-ins, scripting languages, and other languages that are designed to […]

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Payment Orchestration

What is Payment Orchestration? Payment orchestration platforms (POPs), or payments orchestration layer (POL), are platforms that simplify the integration between websites and payment service providers (PSPs). POPs allow for your website to utilize just one platform to connect to multiple payment processors. By increasing the number of payment methods that you accept, you can increase […]