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Small Business Hacking Threats

What are Small Business Hacking Threats? With the increase in remote work and the use of cloud storage, many small businesses are facing new and increased threats to their cybersecurity due their increased attack surface. An attack surface is the number of possible points, or attack vectors, where unauthorized users can access, manipulate, and/or extract […]

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What is Hacktivism? Hacktivism, a portmanteau of “hacking” and “activism”, refers to the misuse of a device or the internet, primarily through the hacking of unauthorized networks, with the purpose of questioning, provoking, or challenging governments, organizations, companies, or individuals that they may view as unjust or as obstructions in the way of their particular […]

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Script Kiddies

What are Script Kiddies? Script kiddies is a term that dates back to the 90s and refers to novice hackers. Not all novice hackers are referred to as script kiddies, however. Many novice hackers make efforts to educate themselves about the hacking tools and resources that they are using. In contrast, script kiddies are novice […]