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Multi-Persona Impersonation

What is Multi-Persona Impersonation? Multi-Personal Impersonation (MPI) is a new email phishing technique that can make detection even more difficult for email users. The MPI technique uses the psychology principle of “social proof” to increase the perception of authenticity of emails, increasing the likelihood that unsuspecting recipients will click on them.1 The principle of social […]

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Email Security

What is Email Security? Email security refers to the various procedures and techniques for protecting email accounts, content, and communication against loss, compromise, and unauthorized access. Cyberattackers often use email to spread malware, spam, and to conduct phishing attacks by using deceptive messages that persuade users to open attachments laden with malware, to click on […]

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Business Email Compromise Techniques

How do Cyberattackers Carry out BEC Schemes? Business email compromise (BEC) or email account compromise (EAC) is one of the most financially damaging online crimes, exploiting the fact that email is a common tool for conducting business, both personally and professionally.1 In a BEC scam, cyberattackers send out an email that appears to come from […]