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Secure Communication Tools

What are Secure Communication Tools?

With an abundance of communication solutions on the market, it may be difficult to select the right software or applications for your needs. Many popular communication tools tout their security features, but it can be difficult to assess which features are nice and which features are necessary for your communication needs. You may also find that certain types of communications may require communication software or applications that provide higher levels of security than others. The following list includes several of the most secure communication software and application solutions:

Secure Software

Salt Communications. Salt Communications is often used as an integrated part of critical infrastructure for government, military, legal, and enterprise organizations. This software offers secure messaging for private chats, message broadcasting, and voice calls, as well as screenshot protection, encrypted file transfer, and Message Burn- a feature that purges information.

Beyond Encryption. Beyond Encryption provides encrypted email, secure document management, digital identity verification, and the software platform, Mailock, which protects customer email communications through end-to-end encryption (E2EE) and two-factor authentication.

Mailfence. Mailfence is a secure email solution with strong privacy protection features and no-logs and no-tracking policies. Mailfence offers secure integrated tools such as calendars, document sharing, and contact importation.

WorldPosta. WorldPosta is a cloud-based email service provider that uses E2EE, multi-layered security, and intelligent spam filtering to provide secure email communications.

Bouncer. Bouncer is an email verification solution provider that is GDPR compliant. Bouncer products include email verification as well as real-time and bulk email verification API.

Quickblox. Quickblox is an instant messaging API provider that provides secure messaging solutions for industries such as healthcare, finance, education, and more. Quickblox features include embedded chat, voice and video calling, video conferencing, data storage, push notification, and file sharing.

Secure Messaging Applications

Signal. Signal is a well-known private messaging app from an independent nonprofit company that is ad-free and tracker-free. Messages, voice calls, and video calls are all E2EE enabled. The app is most secure if both users are using Signal.

WhatsApp. WhatsApp enables E2EE for messages, and allows group chats with secure image, video, and voice sharing.

Telegram. Telegram provides server-client encryption for group and private chats and allows users to send E2EE messages with their Secret Chats feature. Telegram also offers a feature for sending self-destructing messages.

Wire. Wire is a straightforward messaging app for sending E2EE messages, voice calls, and video calls. Paid premium options are available for businesses looking for secure collaboration features.